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Did you know that many U.S. cell phones do not work overseas. PlanetFone provides international phone rentals. PlanetFone’s service availability and customer services make us a superior provider among our competitors. The Global System for Mobile (GSM) phones provides access to the international wireless network that is the standard in over 200 countries worldwide. The mobile phone comes complete with, chargers, adapters, and car chargers in a lightweight carrying case.


A majority of the world’s cellphone subscribers use the GSM technology standard, according to the GSM Association. In the United States, the major carriers use two systems GSM and CDMA, an incompatible technology.

To complicate matters, the American GSM standard operates on 850 and 1,900 megahertz, while the rest of the GSM world uses 900 and 1,800 megahertz.

To use an American GSM cellphone in a foreign country, the handset you own must quad-band and able to operate on one or both of the frequencies used outside the United States.

To protect against fraud, American cell phones are typically blocked from making calls when used abroad.

When traveling in non-CDMA countries, customers can rent a GSM phones from PlanetFone.

PlanetFone rents GSM cellular phones to meet the needs of international business or leisure travelers confronting these issues. We have been providing quality service since 1997.

Pre-paid SIM card service. Beware of SIM card rental or purchase companies who provide inferior international SIM cards which require you to "top-up" or "reload" your airtime minutes for their international cell phones. With these services, your cell phone SIM card has a limited amount of available airtime usage. Once you reach your limit, your service will be cut off, typically without warning, and you will not be able to place or receive calls until you refill the card with more money. Our phones have no limit and do not require you to ever add more airtime to your phone.

Even if you have a phone capable of operating on the wave frequencies used in foreign countries, if your phone is not unlocked, many available SIM cards will not work. If you find one that does, your coverage areas will be limited to the providers' coverage area.

Disadvantages of local SIM cards

Ø      It expires after non-use

Ø      You have to change your phone number in each country

Ø      There's no itemized billing

Ø      There's a risk of running out of talk time

Ø      Frustrating to buy talk time in foreign countries

Ø      Foreign language customer support

Prepaid Phone Cards?

These cards are expensive to use. In London, for instance, when you use your card at a pay phone there is a $2.50 connection fee on each attempted call plus the VAT taxes (ranging from 17% to 19.5%). What this means is, if you have a $50.00 phone card and try to make 5 calls from a phone booth, the connection fees are $12.50 or 25% of your cards' value. You then have to pay the VAT taxes another 17% or higher. 10 calls 50%, the more calls you make the more expensive it gets.


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