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Affiliate Program: Overview

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PlanetFone is proud to introduce the
Affiliate Program
Industry-Leading Commission* for
International Cell Phone Rentals

The Affiliate Program is FREE to join and operate. There are great rewards for you and for those that use your Web site. You will receive a generous Commission*, based on the cellular rental fee, when one of your clients rents a cellular phone. Your client referrals will receive the safety, security, and convenience of an international cellular phone that works in over 150 countries, along with World-Class Client care. Just sign up, and once you are approved you will receive an individual PlanetFone I.D. number. You can then choose any of our referral banners, or text links, to place on your Web site. After your client clicks on the PlanetFone referral banner, or text link, they will come to our site. If they place an online order and the application is approved, you will receive notification, and we will credit you with a commission. You can also track all traffic from your website to ours at any time.

*Commission is based on the rental fee. Please call for more information. 1-888-988-4777

We offer our affiliate partners the opportunity to:

  • Round out your Web site offerings by including links to PlanetFone.
  • Earn cash while providing a valuable service to your users.
  • Get paid every month for commissions earned.
  • Track activity and commissions earned daily.
  • Earn extra promotion through PlanetFone's advertising and publicity campaigns.


Planetfone is an ASTA member.

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